Join UMAC 2017 Dues

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*Last Name
Preferred Name
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*Membership Type

We offer three tiers of membership dues. Please review the options below carefully before making your selection. Choose your membership from the list below:

Full-time communicator ($75)
Group - up to 4 persons on a communications staff ($200)
Retired communicator ($40)
Part-time or volunteer communicator ($40)
Full-time student ($40)
Event vendor or sponsor ($125)
Local Non-UMC affiliated organization ($125)
Group Membership:

If you chose a group membership, please list the names, email addresses and job titles or contact information of the four persons for whom membership is sought.

If paying by check, print a copy of this completed form and make checks payable to: United Methodist Association of Communicators.

Mail check and copy of completed form to:

Royya James, UMAC, P.O. BOX 320, NASHVILLE, TN 37202.

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